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Hint Ring

Pick your size Hint Ring

Best acrylic cutout jewelry I’ve seen yet. So clever.

The Hint Ring by Isette is for subtle (ahem) ladies. Just pick your size.

Aardvark Manifesto letterpressed print

Aardvark Manifesto poster

Aardvark Manifesto

Wanted: this print. Just above my desk, and next to this one.

(via Holiday Matinee)

i fell for a walking cane



I just fell for a walking cane.

Cotton covered cane by YCN.

kt.COLOR’s Le Corbusier paints

kt.COLOR Le Corbusier paints

The once-upon-a-time architecture student in me is loving this.

Derived from the color theories of Le Corbusier, Swiss paint manufacturer kt.COLOR produces an exclusive collection of interior paints in colors the late architect (painter, writer, furniture designer…) described as “eminently architectural”.

Particularly unique about these paints are the pigments used to make them—the actual source of the colors. Considered classic artists’ pigments they’ve been used on canvases for centuries but aren’t typically found in architectural paints.

The resulting collection, handmade by kt.COLOR, are paint colors that seem timeless. From a description by Katrin Trautwein (the kt part of the company’s name and the chemist behind these paints):

Le Corbusiers “eminently architectural” colouring materials are used for their ability to define space and for their ability to build bridges to other sensory experiences. On this level they remind us of the sea, a dusty rose, dusk, filtered light in the forest, sunwarmed bricks, the music of a cello or a saxophone, red velvet curtains, or early morning haze.

Smells, pictures, memories and experiences are evoked by this group of classic artists pigments. All of them have been used for their ability to breathe life into two-dimensional reprentations on canvas, murals and surfaces throughout our cultural history. This ability to breathe life into space makes them so useful to the architect.

(via designboom and Aalto Colour)

Geeky housewares FTW!

Enter Doormat

Enter Doormat by Pieter Woudt

Atl Ctrl Del Pillows

Alt – Ctrl – Del Three Pillow Set

A doormat made from recycled rubber and pillows made from felted plastic bottles.

And did I mention they’re computer keys?

Geeky housewares FTW!

(via swissmiss and Unplggd)

Hipster Werewolf T-shirt

Hipster Werewolf T-shirt

Love-love Crywolf’s Hipster Werewolf T. Need one.

Noticing however that it’s strangely similar to a tee at Threadless that Jacob gifted his sister a few holidays ago. She’s a Leo. The shirt’s called Lions Are Smarter Than I Am. Quite rad as well. Design by Portlander Keith Carter.

Lions Are Smarter Than I Am Tee

Teabag Teaspoon Cup and Saucer First Edition

Teabag Teaspoon Cup and Saucer First Edition

Teabag Teaspoon Cup and Saucer – First Edition

Only one left of the first editions of this adorable cup and saucer set by Re Jin Lee. Surely there will be another run. I hope so!

Cubic Switchplate

Cubic Switchplate – Lightswitch

Cubic Switchplate – Lightswitch

Cubic Switchplate – Electric

Cubic Switchplate – Electric

Such a great idea for a little quirkiness where you least expect it—on your switchplates. They come in black too.

Poketo Wallets

Chris Bettig Wallet - Outside

Chris Bettig Wallet – Outside

Chris Bettig Wallet - Inside

Chris Bettig Wallet – Inside

I was reintroduced to Poketo Wallets while on Chris Bettig’s site, theMountainLabel. A talented a versatile artist, he’s done projects for a variety of major lines. And, oh man do I LOVE the collage reproduced on the wallet above.

Poketo’s story is a great one. They make limited edition art products. The premise is:

Through functional, design-driven wares, Poketo takes art off of gallery walls and makes them part of your everyday life.

Hence, the wallets. Which are delightfully collectable (only $20) and entirely obsess-able.

A few more colorful favorites:

Rex Ray for SFMOMA – Outside

Rex Ray Wallet – Outside

Rex Ray for SFMOMA – Inside

Rex Ray Wallet – Inside

Neil Doshi Wallet – Outside

Neil Doshi Wallet – Outside

Neil Doshi Wallet – Inside

Neil Doshi Wallet – Inside

Greedy Hen Wallet – Outside

Greedy Hen Wallet – Outside

Greedy Hen Wallet – Inside

Greedy Hen Wallet – Inside

Nate Duval



I came across the screen-printed creations of Nate Duval at his etsy store and I’ve really been enjoying the diversity of his very detailed work. Many of the prints are initially created as gig posters and then a limited edition run is done sans band name and venue info.

The piece above became even more exciting to me when I read a recent blog post by Nate where he shares a step-by-step account of making this print. A sucker for a glimpse into an artist’s process, I couldn’t resist.

He has some really clever tips too. For instance he uses house paint instead of printing ink because it dries quickly, is inexpensive and he can specify exact colors at purchase. Also, he uses taped down credit cards to register the paper. Simple.

Brooklyn by Nate Duval


buzz, buzz, buzz by Nate Duval

buzz, buzz, buzz

The Slip - Chicago by Nate Duval

poster for The Slip show in Chicago

Susalito by Nate Duval


Silver City by Nate Duval

silver city

Love that last one! Amazing.

Along with the prints, he’s got some sweet tees and kids stuff too!

Helvetica Uppercase Scarf

Helvetica Uppercase Scarf

Helvetica Uppercase Scarf detail

Still want the Helvetica Uppercase Scarf, though I can’t seem to find a picture of it around someone’s neck. Curious. Heads are cut off in all the photos. It’s available at the Veer Merch store along with other typographic delights.

Fishs Eddy

Memo Dinnerware

Memo Dinnerware

Floorplan Dinnerware

Floorplan Dinnerware

Found an new fun store thanks to a comment from Bonnie about the Pantone Coffee Mugs.

It’s a place called Fishs Eddy in NYC’s Flatiron District. The store has a great story and their selection overflows with whimsical dinnerware, glassware, unique tees, gifts, etc.

Thanks again Bonnie for the link ;)

Pantone Coffee Mugs

Pantone Coffee Mugs

While poking around on Composition I was stopped in my tracks by these have-to-have (all of them) Pantone Coffee Mugs. Wows.


Tivi Ebony Clutch

Tivi: hot like your mom, tough like your dad.

A few years later, still completely in want with this bent ply clutch.

Redbean Design

Redbean Design

Redbean Design in San Francisco makes stationary, canvas prints and vinyl wall graphics.

9SpotMonk Letterpress Co.

Scribble Charcoal Notecard

Scribble Charcoal Notecard

Scull in Spring Coasters

Scull in Spring Coasters

I truly cannot have enough letterpress in my life. And 9SpotMonk are masters.

I love their design Philosophy too: “You will either agree with the following statement, or not: Design matters. If you agree, then you’ll be quite happy with the work of 9SpotMonk Design.” Nicely put.