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Moss carpet looks barefootalicious

Moss Carpet

Moss Carpet at 2009 Milan Furniture Fair

Wondering if it feels as good on the toes as it does on the eyes.

A moss carpet, more-or-less, shown on display at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair.

All the squishy green details are at Inhabitat.

You stole my thunder, But I stole your lightning.

Marc Johns: you stole my thunder

you stole my thunder

Marc Johns, thank you for this giggle today.

So.. the original of this piece has been sold but signed prints are only $20. yay! (and wow)

Love loving on his drawings—so lighthearted and fun.

Peter Funch Photography

Peter Funch: En Passant

en passant

Peter Funch: Informing Informers

Informing Informers

Peter Funch: Memory Lane

Memory Lane

For the love of photography, great ideas and utter artistic perfectionism! If you haven’t seen Peter Funch‘s work, you. must!

The images above are from a project titled Babel Tales, a series of photos, each a composite of many shots taken in the same location and mushed together. The images depict strangers and something they have or did in common seemingly happening simultaneously. Each piece has an obvious theme, for instance they’re all yawning or wearing the same color.

I can’t seem to discover for sure if these are manipulated in the lab or digitally (pretty sure it’s the latter), either of which is quite a feat. Oh the knock-out work alone that he must have endured!

Peter is a Dutch Danish artist who lives and works in NYC.

Due to the Flash treatment on the artist’s site, the images are best viewed side-by-side at V1 Gallery in Denmark, a gallery (with an incredible collection) that Peter co-founded. Though if you’re really digging them, there’s more to see on Peter’s site.

(via picocool)

Juliana Neufeld Artwork

If my forest was a monster

If my forest was a monster

Animal Collective

Animal Collective for Exclaim! Magazine



In a tug-of-war today. Distracted, and inspired, by beautiful things. Juliana Neufeld, you rock.

(via ambushU)

Sarajo Frieden Artwork

Precipitous Voyage by Sarajo Frieden

Precipitous Voyage

Sarajo Frieden Artwork

I’m really enjoying the work of Sarajo Frieden today. It’s going well with the crazy mix of Spring weather out the window. One minute it’s dark ominous downpours and moments later the sun shines blindingly bright, glistening through freshly fallen droplets on new leaves and budding blooms (poetic, no?).

Sarajo’s work is full of vibrant colors, interesting shapes, a variety of textures (mixed media with paints and embroidery is just lovely) and sometimes quirky characters too.

Learn more about her in today’s artist interview on the Poketo Blog and poke around on her site—so much to see!

Emma Smart: Morning

Emma Smart: Morning

Good morning! Two bits of lovely this morning: the weather and Emma’s work.

It’s going to be an awesome day.

Emma Smart is a UK designer and the above embroidered letters on paper are part of a current project called Greetings. Just flipping through her portfolio sparks creativity. Love it.

(via Swiss Miss)

Photographer Richard Powers and My Carrot

I often look to residential architecture and interior design when I need a good kick in the pants (à la Red). It’s my carrot—a representation of what could be if I work hard enough.

That’s why you’ll see a lot of here.

Today I’m fixated on images by photographer Richard Powers. He’s excellent at capturing the essence of a space and the light that illuminates it.

Here’s a couple favorites.

House by Architect Baron Myers


Interior Juxtaposition Copenhagen, Denmark

I just love this last interior space. Again, it’s that perfect mix of older architectural details and eclectic modern furnishings. Can’t get enough!

(via Desire to Inspire)

The Future is Unwritten

The Future is Unwritten

The Future is Unwritten

A good reminder for staying motivated—no matter what’s impacting our lives right now (tough or triumphant), what happens next is completely up to us.

Poster by bisdixit.

(via Design for Mankind)

David O’Brien Artwork

I Wish I Hadn't Died

I Wish I Hadn’t Died


I Wish I Hadn’t Died – Detail

The Stars Fell That Night

The Stars Fell That Night

Thirteen Black Holes

Thirteen Black Holes

Mating Dance

Mating Dance

Blown away by the intricacy of David O’Brien’s artwork. He must have incredible patience, or perhaps impatience for imperfection.

All are mixed media—some combination of ink, watercolor, pen or pencil. And they’re big too. I’d really like to see these in person. I’d also like to have one on my wall.

Poketo Wallets

Chris Bettig Wallet - Outside

Chris Bettig Wallet – Outside

Chris Bettig Wallet - Inside

Chris Bettig Wallet – Inside

I was reintroduced to Poketo Wallets while on Chris Bettig’s site, theMountainLabel. A talented a versatile artist, he’s done projects for a variety of major lines. And, oh man do I LOVE the collage reproduced on the wallet above.

Poketo’s story is a great one. They make limited edition art products. The premise is:

Through functional, design-driven wares, Poketo takes art off of gallery walls and makes them part of your everyday life.

Hence, the wallets. Which are delightfully collectable (only $20) and entirely obsess-able.

A few more colorful favorites:

Rex Ray for SFMOMA – Outside

Rex Ray Wallet – Outside

Rex Ray for SFMOMA – Inside

Rex Ray Wallet – Inside

Neil Doshi Wallet – Outside

Neil Doshi Wallet – Outside

Neil Doshi Wallet – Inside

Neil Doshi Wallet – Inside

Greedy Hen Wallet – Outside

Greedy Hen Wallet – Outside

Greedy Hen Wallet – Inside

Greedy Hen Wallet – Inside

Nate Duval



I came across the screen-printed creations of Nate Duval at his etsy store and I’ve really been enjoying the diversity of his very detailed work. Many of the prints are initially created as gig posters and then a limited edition run is done sans band name and venue info.

The piece above became even more exciting to me when I read a recent blog post by Nate where he shares a step-by-step account of making this print. A sucker for a glimpse into an artist’s process, I couldn’t resist.

He has some really clever tips too. For instance he uses house paint instead of printing ink because it dries quickly, is inexpensive and he can specify exact colors at purchase. Also, he uses taped down credit cards to register the paper. Simple.

Brooklyn by Nate Duval


buzz, buzz, buzz by Nate Duval

buzz, buzz, buzz

The Slip - Chicago by Nate Duval

poster for The Slip show in Chicago

Susalito by Nate Duval


Silver City by Nate Duval

silver city

Love that last one! Amazing.

Along with the prints, he’s got some sweet tees and kids stuff too!

Melissa Moss



Enjoying looking at Melissa Moss‘s prints on wood. If I got one right now it’d be this one.

Looking Into the Past

Looking Into the Past

Looking Into the Past

Looking Into the Past is a Flickr set by Jason Powell. He gets images from the Library of Congress and then aligns them in their current location and snaps the photo. So fun and creative.

He’s made a group for more people to play with the concept. I hope others join in. I’d love to see more.

(via My Modern Metropolis)


Scoop by Falper


It’s no secret. I’m a bath girl. Wow.

Falper is an Italian manufacturer of bathroom furnishings.


Wall, S4o by Falper

Wall, S40

Shape by Falper


(via 3rings)

Jennifer Maestre Sculpture



And These


Aurora Detail





These amazing sculptures are the work of Jennifer Maestre. She is one of eleven artists named Jennifer who participated in an exhibition of precisely that distinction. The Jen11Show will be on tour this spring and summer. A little more about the show…

More than a million of us were dubbed Jennifer within the span of just fifteen years… The exhibition was born from both a serious curiosity and a simple novelty. Have members of this Jen-eration unknowingly grown into a common artistic sensibility? Have they become creators of culture in their own particular way? The following show can be understood as a unique experiment or as commentary, by Jennifer on Jennifer.

Continue reading about Jen11 here.

Dan Duchars Photography

Dan Duchars Photography

Dan Duchars Photography

Another stellar photographer blessed with excellent subject matter.

That stripe is a stroke of genius in this space.

(via design*sponge)

Card Observer

Card Observer

Card Observer – Business Card Design Inspiration

Teh yum. Good source for print inspiration.

(via @JohnChilson)

Christian Faur

House of Rain

House of Rain


True Color Series Girl 1

True Color Series Girl 1


True Color Series Girl 1 detail

True Color Series Girl 1 (detail)


Christian Faur‘s hand cast encaustic crayons.

(via Swiss Miss)

Emma Lee Photgraphy

Emma Lee Photography

Emma Lee Photgraphy

Not sure whose home this is but I just want to be in that room. The combo of a house with older bones and modern furnishings is like kettle corn for the eyes. (You know that perfect mix of sweet and salty—it’s kinda like that). As Kim says:

Holy smokes people. It’s incredible how such simplicity could be so gorgeous. Those grey walls are perfection. The dark floors and how the white furniture floats on them….I could not love this more.


(via Desire to Inspire)

Keetra Dean Dixon

Meandering through Keetra Dean Dixon‘s creations and art projects could keep me entertained and inspired for hours and hours. Her stuff is incredible. Here’s just a small sample:

Picture 8.png

These notecards are part of a small series of cordial invitations. I can’t wait for the prints to be available!

Photo Strip

Taken from a photo booth she built from the ground up.

The booth is presented in semi-public spaces as a typical photobooth holding no indication of it’s unique qualities. Users enter the booth, pose for 2 shots & exit as usual. During the developing process, the photos are “analyzed” & customized with forecasts consisting of patterns, symbols & messages…

More photo strips here.


The Fridge Says


Käsch Overflow Bathtub

Picture 5.png

Now that’s a bathtub! Overflowing and in-ground this tub by Käsch has serenity written all over it. Their entire collection is stunning. Really.

(via Fubiz)

It is Important to Use Your Hands

It is important to use your hands

From Paul Rand’s book Conversations with Students.

Note to self: You are not a cow. Step away from the computer and get your hands dirty every once and a while.

(via Design Observer)






I’m completely enamored with Buamai. Their collection of visual stimuli is a feed reader must for a jolt of inspiration or a daily dose of eye candy.

In Thai, buamai translates to ‘are you bored?’ We created this site to become a massive image library (in due time) that would eventually kill time when we (or anyone) are bored. For now, the people posting images on Buamai is a closed collective, but we might open the flood gates in the future.

This is the second link I’ve posted from Design For Mankind‘s February issue of Mankind Mag. Erin has an amazing eye and I simply couldn’t resist. Her blog is so much fun an her giveaways are worth at least a weekly check-in.

Grow Interactive

Picture 1.png

Loving on the design of this site. Gorgeous use of Flash.

Grow Interactive is a creative agency in Norfolk, VA.

Chanel Pop-Up Decor

Picture 4.png

Picture 2.png

Chanel’s Pop-Up decor at the 2009 Spring-Summer Haute Couture show. White handmade paper flowers decorate the runway. Simply amAzing!

(Via poppytalk)