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Kite Hill by Paul Octavious


Beautiful. A welcome vision on another rainy Portland day.

Prints of Paul Octavious’s Kite Hill are available at 20×200.

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Oregon Transfer Co.

Oregon Transfer Co.

I recently discovered iPhoneography through my cousin (thanks Cis!) and have been loving trying out new photo apps.

This is one of my first shots—taken while walking back home in the rain after a haircut, and treated with the Format126 app. I’m gonna have to track down more painted building signs. Some great typography out there and I find the weathering and fading charming. A hint of the past.

Bad Postcards

Hilarious, and often strange collection of vintage American postcards from the 50s-70s, otherwise known as BAD POSTCARDS.


This one is an advertisement for those embrace-ready mannequins.

A taste of what the back reads: “They wave and point their arms…They Talk. Comes complete with special deluxe uniform in a variety of colors, and your choice of lettering.” Read more here.

Bottling Walker's Deluxe

Can we say Vitameatavegamin? These gals look a little toasty.

Music Philosophy typographic song quotes

The love you take is equal to the love you make

The Beatles

I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you

The Moldy Peaches

I adore these. UK designer Mico Toledo combines song lyrics and typography for “Your weekly dose of song quotes” in his project called Music Philosophy. Get your favorite on a shirt, or rotate a couple as your iPhone wallpaper.

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You Can’t Keep a Good Town Down – Nashville Flood Relief Poster


You Can’t Keep a Good Town Down is a commemorative poster with a positive message, produced and sold by WedCandy and Alex Pearson to raise money for those affected by the floods in Nashville.

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Confections by Amy Stevens

Amy Stevens Confections No. 8

Amy Stevns Confections No. 65

As a response to turning 30 Amy decided to make cakes and photograph them, learning simultaneously about studio photography and cake decoration.

“It was a celebration of birthdays, cake, color, pattern and obsessive absurdity”

…she says of the project.

Four years later her latest crazy confections continue to grace gallery walls with mouthwatering explosions of color.

See more Amy Stevens art here.

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Sunshine by tinaylin

sunshine through the flowers

day 38 – sunshine (02.07.2009) by tinaylin

Feeling like this today. Let’s keep these vibes all week! Thanks for the inspiration, Tina.

Rebecca Ward’s freaking amazing tape installations


seventeen is sharp


rip and pull


quiet arches, shivering tents


tape 3

Rebecca Ward’s freaking amazing installations made with tape—duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape. amazing. said that already. doesn’t matter. they are.

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Anna Wolf Photography








Anna’s photos feel like now. There’s a familiarity when you see them. She’s got a diverse portfolio of mostly fashion photography that I so enjoy looking through. Been meaning to post this one for a while…

Geordie Wood hand painted photographs for Susan Woo

Khaki suit

black dress

pink dress

Love at first sight.

Geordie Wood hand painted photographs for Susan Woo’s Spring 2010 Collection.

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Kaidannoie (Stairs House)


Fell in love with the Stairs House today—a beach-side home in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. See Spoon & Tamago for more deets and pics.

Isn’t this interior with bookshelves along the stairs incredible?

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Erin Nicole Photography

Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits 1

Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits 1

interior with window

white and yellow striped wall

Coney Island, Brooklyn

Coney Island, Brooklyn

Erin Nicole Photography

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Adam Hancher on Kitsune Noir

I’m feelin you autumn. Just made this wallpaper from Kitsune Noir my iPhone background.

Design must seduce…

Design must seduce...

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Leslie Mutchler Collage with Catalogs


Black Storage (Pottery Barn Spring 2006)


White Storage (West Elm Spring 2006)


Untitled (Manufactured Utopia II: High Density Housing). 2008. (Constructed from a single shelving unit from the Pottery Barn furniture collection).

Very interesting collages by Leslie Mutchler using cut pieces from catalogs e.g. Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Pottery Barn…

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Illustrations by Minni Havas




Freaking amazing fashion-inspired illustrations by Minni Havas.

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Hometta Modern Home Plans

Picture 25.png

Picture 24.png

Picture 26.png

A novel resource for people who’d love to build their own modern home. (As in, it actually could happen and this site could help make it possible.)

Hometta provides home plans by nationally recognized, sought-after architects. The plans are available for purchase and a subscription service offers how-to tools and access to a builder database.

See the blog for more about what they’re up to with the site.

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Summer in the City




Photos from Summer in the City.

Sucked in by photos…Couldn’t help it. Scrolling through them is like going on a mini vacation. Alright, now back to work ;)

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Stackable Refrigerator Concept


Cool Stackable Refrigerator Concept

Seems smart, efficient and fun.

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Portraits by Benjamin Shine


I received an email a couple weeks ago from Peter, a reader who had seen the post about Simon Schubert, and he was recommending I take a look at Benjamin Shine‘s portraits. I’d peeked at them, and now I’m finally posting. They’re amazing! He essentially “paints with fabric”.

The pieces are big—around 4×5 feet or so—and they’re most impressive when you see the detail shots.

One that’s received quite a bit of attention is a large portrait of President Obama made of a single retired American flag woven through nylon mesh.


Probably the most striking pieces is the portrait you see at the top of 17th century painter, Rembrandt. Sort of an homage to Rembrandt’s use of light and shadow, this piece looks like it might be a charcoal drawing when in fact its is constructed out of one piece of tulle pleated and pressed between sheets of plexiglass. Unbelievable.



MoCo Loco picked up the story and has some terrific large images of the Rembrandt portrait. Go see!

Chapel to residence

Zecc Utrecht Chapel interior

Stunning chapel-to-residence renovation designed by Zecc Architecten, a Dutch architecture firm. The colors cast by the stained glass onto the white surfaces are wonderful.



Zecc Utrecht Chapel after renovation


Zecc Utrecht Chapel bathrrom

Zecc Utrecht Chapel pipe organ and staircase

( learn more about the building via Next Modern Home)

Sarah Applebaum

Sarah Applebaum

I want to live in a Sarah Applebaum world.

Years ago my grandmother tried to teach me how to crochet. A couple times. I thought I didn’t have the patience for it. Maybe I didn’t have the imagination.

Sarah Applebaum Geometric Felt fabric

Geometric Felt Fabric

Sarah Applebaum Phantasmagoria


Self Portraits by Laurence on Flickr


Really great self portraits by Laurence.

oh to be a teenage girl with a camera again. well sort of. anyway, these are really creative.

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Happy birthday to me



Happy birthday to me! My gift to myself is this collection of prints from Will Bryant’s Etsy shop. I’m so excited and can’t wait for them to get here. It’s true, I do love nice people who make cool things.

Will is one of those nice people. And he makes lots of cool things.

See the original Nice People illustration here.

Artwork by Dalek

dalek 1.png

Wild paintings by Dalek. Really like the site design too.

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Jackie Bos Illustration + Design


Donut with Rainbow Sprinkles


Day Glo Waffles

Looking at Jackie Bos’s blog for some smiles this morning. And some breakfast.

Sarah Spitler Artwork

Sarah Spitler painting

Inveterate Detritus (Something Forgotten Known Only To Ourselves)

This piece by Sarah Spitler seems the perfect expression of my creative struggle today. Bursts of bright beautiful color that trickle, drip, shift, spread and desaturate. Then some details, big brush strokes. And then another burst…and desaturation… You get the idea.


Simon Schubert Artwork

Simon Schubert‘s work is un.real.

His creased paper art is stunning. Just really… wow.
Creased paper art

And I’m enthralled with this image of one of his sculpture pieces:
Simon Schubert sculpture

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Mark Andrew Webber

I love the Future by Mark Andrew Webber

I love the future

Admiring the crazy-detailed work of Mark Andrew Webber. Whether it’s a linocut printed, or not, or perhaps hand carved then filmed and animated, and then there’s one of his line drawings—they all pretty much rock.

Kate Bernauer Photography

The Stairwell

The Stairwell

The Sea

The Sea

The Balloon

The Balloon

Kate I heart your lighting!

Brisbane gal Kate Bernauer sets and props scenes for her photographs with theatrical lighting and imaginative compositions.

The photos above are from a series called ‘I’ll be home for dinner’.

The series explores the ridiculous and often tragic nature of human experience through the staging of people engaged in strange and often futile activities. The work has been inspired by dreams and ‘strange, but true’ columns – the weird and absurd true stories often found in the back pages of newspapers.

Such inspiration provides some crazy content for sure, but it’s her creative interpretation and awesome execution with the exposure that makes these super rad. I’m a fan.

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