Peter Funch Photography

Peter Funch: En Passant

en passant

Peter Funch: Informing Informers

Informing Informers

Peter Funch: Memory Lane

Memory Lane

For the love of photography, great ideas and utter artistic perfectionism! If you haven’t seen Peter Funch‘s work, you. must!

The images above are from a project titled Babel Tales, a series of photos, each a composite of many shots taken in the same location and mushed together. The images depict strangers and something they have or did in common seemingly happening simultaneously. Each piece has an obvious theme, for instance they’re all yawning or wearing the same color.

I can’t seem to discover for sure if these are manipulated in the lab or digitally (pretty sure it’s the latter), either of which is quite a feat. Oh the knock-out work alone that he must have endured!

Peter is a Dutch Danish artist who lives and works in NYC.

Due to the Flash treatment on the artist’s site, the images are best viewed side-by-side at V1 Gallery in Denmark, a gallery (with an incredible collection) that Peter co-founded. Though if you’re really digging them, there’s more to see on Peter’s site.

(via picocool)

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