Nate Duval



I came across the screen-printed creations of Nate Duval at his etsy store and I’ve really been enjoying the diversity of his very detailed work. Many of the prints are initially created as gig posters and then a limited edition run is done sans band name and venue info.

The piece above became even more exciting to me when I read a recent blog post by Nate where he shares a step-by-step account of making this print. A sucker for a glimpse into an artist’s process, I couldn’t resist.

He has some really clever tips too. For instance he uses house paint instead of printing ink because it dries quickly, is inexpensive and he can specify exact colors at purchase. Also, he uses taped down credit cards to register the paper. Simple.

Brooklyn by Nate Duval


buzz, buzz, buzz by Nate Duval

buzz, buzz, buzz

The Slip - Chicago by Nate Duval

poster for The Slip show in Chicago

Susalito by Nate Duval


Silver City by Nate Duval

silver city

Love that last one! Amazing.

Along with the prints, he’s got some sweet tees and kids stuff too!

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