Barista, my perfect coffee spot

Cup in the window at Barista

Just grabbed an afternoon latte at my new favorite coffee spot, BARISTA (Note: the site is still a work in progress. To see more, visit Yelp).

Since they opened about a month ago, I’ve been there far more times than I probably should, but their stellar espresso and perfect latte keep calling my name (plus it’s amazing how such a simple treat-to-self can put such a spring in my step—the little things, right?)

Today, cappuccino mugs propped the windows to let the breeze in (and I just had to snap a photo), MGMT tunes bounced around the room and once again the latte was just right. With this place just a block away how can I resist?

Now, back at my desk I’m ready to continue this productive afternoon.

A recent update on their site says they’ll be adding more seating and outlets to their Gadsby Building location—happy news for this wifi-loving, work-from-anywhere, techie town.