I’m completely enamored with Buamai. Their collection of visual stimuli is a feed reader must for a jolt of inspiration or a daily dose of eye candy.

In Thai, buamai translates to ‘are you bored?’ We created this site to become a massive image library (in due time) that would eventually kill time when we (or anyone) are bored. For now, the people posting images on Buamai is a closed collective, but we might open the flood gates in the future.

This is the second link I’ve posted from Design For Mankind‘s February issue of Mankind Mag. Erin has an amazing eye and I simply couldn’t resist. Her blog is so much fun an her giveaways are worth at least a weekly check-in.

Chanel Pop-Up Decor
Photographer Richard Powers and My Carrot
You stole my thunder, But I stole your lightning.
Disastro Ecologico Wallpaper Series by Alberto Seveso