I want to jump in!

This slo mo video by PEPEPIANO is scratching my itch to swim in a big way. I must take advantage of this summer weather. MUST.

If the video above doesn’t work, go here.

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Weekend guest on The Jealous Curator—ME!

The Jealous Curator

Some opportunities are just plain fun. This was one of them. When Danielle got in touch about doing a weekend guest post, I was all over it. I love her site (as mentioned here before), and couldn’t wait to talk about the new work of a favorite artist. It was posted this morning. Go take a look!

Your ideas don’t make you special. Realizing them does.

There is greatness in all of us and good ideas come from anywhere and anyone. Your great ideas don’t make you special. Realizing them does. Point being that people who stop at nothing to make it happen just so happen to make it.
Quote by Ptarmark on the Etsy blog.

Triangle Bokeh

This really makes me want to paint a wall mural.

The Bird and The Bee + Hall and Oates

The Bird and The Bee: Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates

This has to be my most favorite music discovery in quite a while and absolutely MADE my Friday morning.

I found this gem on Spotify (i love you). Listen here if you have an account or find it here on last.fm.

Gotta Share! Surprise Musical (video)

Too fun!

Good taste by Ira Glass (video)

Revisited this video again this week. A lesson in perseverance that’s worth hearing over and over.

Coincidentally, swissmiss just posted a quote by Bill Withers that has a similar message.

“You can’t get to wonderful without passing by alright.”

It was shared by Andrew Zuckerman at Behance’s 99% Conference that’s just wrapping up. I’d love to attend sometime. Seems incredibly inspirational.

A girl without freckles is like…

A Girl Without Freckles by Kenny and Zook

While reading Brandi’s post encouraging readers to think of five things you love about yourself each day (her posts are genuine and lovely. always.), I spotted this poster.

I haven’t thought about my freckles, and I especially haven’t thought to love them, in quite a while. But I am right now.

by Finny & Zook of Brooklyn, NY.

Recent lessons in procrastination

Done is Better Than Perfect by Ben Barry
A print inside Facebook by resident designer, Ben Barry.

Don't Fucking Procrastinate Mug
From the always wise, Good Fucking Design Advice.

Furr by Blitzen Trapper (video)

I’ve loved Blitzen Trapper’s music for a while now but had never come across this video until today. The Portland band’s video was done by Portland girl Jade Harris using only paper, no animation programs, and over 3000 photos. Isn’t it lovely?

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How Colors Affect Purchases

How do colors affect purchases

(click to see big)

KISSMetrics is amazing. And so is this infographic.

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Shut the Front Door

Shut the Front Door handmade sign

This makes me smile. And what a perfect yellow! (my color of the moment).

This is beautiful: Skydiving in Slow Motion (video)

so serene.

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Anna Garforth’s Edible Poster

Anna Garforth Edible Poster

First cake, and now cookies. All this typographic baking makes me smile.

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The Cake Sale

The Cake Sale

Real, glorious, cake typography.

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The happy film

monkeys are happy fellas
they design quite well.
but their typography
has readability issues.

thanks for the smiles today Alyssa!

Does this mean I’m old?

I Will Not Brag to Interns

Because this so cracked me up!

happy video: Mt Desolation – Departure

love the simplicity. love the creativity. and the musicians too.

I like Dessert in the Desert

A video by Shark Pig.

Chinese Dim Sum

Chinese Dim Sum, originally uploaded by karenisme08.

i will have you! been craving dim sum lately and this photo just sealed the deal, even if it is fake. must go for dim sum tomorrow!

Let’s get dressed up and go bowling

I like Little Joy – "Next Time Around"

This video is making me long for summer.

I like An Awesome Book of Thanks!

A video by Dallas Clayton.

i love you, blogs and coffee

i love you blogs and coffee print by jenniferramos

so true.

Hand silk-screened print by Jennifer Ramos.


New York City Street Numbers Oct 2009

New York City Street Numbers Oct 2009

There’s so much to love about Papercut, I kinda don’t know where to begin. They seem to always have a camera at the ready and create gobs of amazing design work.

Their globetrotting life is almost too awesome to paraphrase so I’ll just do a copypaste jig right here:

Minh Anh Vo & Victor Schuft are two French graphic designers, though their names may sound either Vietnamese or German. Minh Anh was born in Annecy and grew up in Paris. Victor comes from Troyes. They met in Brussels, where they studied Graphic Design and Typography at La Cambre School of Arts. After graduating in 2006, they decided to move to Los Angeles and eventually got married at LAX. They are now living and working in Brooklyn.

I was drawn in by this photo series of Street Numbers but you’ll want to look around at everything else too.

Don’t these snaps express the look and feel of each city? Makes me want to carry a big lens everywhere.

Troyes Street Numbers Dec. 2006

Troyes Street Numbers Dec. 2006

Los Angeles Street Numbers Nov. 2007

Los Angeles Street Numbers Nov. 2007

laugh every day

Live Now Art Print by Maxime Francout

Live Now Art Print by Maxime Francout

Made me smile. Thanks, Jaime.

(via Design Milk)

Be complementary

Team Work by Ginger Monkey

I have a sticky on my dashboard that reads “Be complementary.”

It’s my reminder to always be a whole half to our duo. To collaborate on goals by successfully dividing the tasks. To fill gaps, not just identify them. To motivate when the drive gets sluggish and lighten when the mood gets heavy. The purple to his yellow; the orange to his blue.

Image: Team Work by Ginger Monkey

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I like EF – Live The Language – Paris

A video by Albin Holmqvist.

I like MapleXO we who are!


A video by Lindsay Jo Holmes.

Stay Wonky

Aardvark Manifesto 2011

How awesome are Lesley & Pea? Sussex artists who adore letterpress and run a tearoom called Aardvark in the beautiful St. Leonards on Sea. They first printed their manifesto in 2009 as a prize for customers who completed a loyalty card.

Last year’s inspired us to: Kill Your TV, and so much more.

Here they’re at it again with more wonderful words to live by: Aardvark Manifesto 2011.